Why 666 Tricks

When I came close to the number I thought about its known meaning, and didn't want to reach it because of it.


But after reading on Wikipedia the different reasons of the number 666, I had to do exactly 666 tricks.


With its several different meanings, two of them perfectly fit the story behind this project:


In the Hebrew language the number 6 stands for the letter "W". So 666 means "WWW", which stands for "World Wide Web".

Due to my websites I owe the internet the greatest part of my life, so this means a big "thank you" to the www for me!


The second meaning is: In Kabbalistic Judaism, 666 is the number represents the creation and perfection of the world. The world was created in 6 days, and there are 6 cardinal directions (North, South, East, West, Up, Down).

This is the second "thank you" to the nature, which I admire and love.

And the 6 cardinal directions are what make this sport so fascinating...the wind directions, free to ride where you want to, the flying, the coming down back to earth.



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