Airstyle is its own discipline, so it should be free of the rules that limit other disciplines, therefore we support the following to guarantee a maximum of a show:


- use your kite to jump

- forget about switch tricks, rather do different tricks instead

- use any grip help you want on your rails or your handle.


The style comes with height, hangtime, body tension, positions. The aim is not to land a trick, but to land a trick making it as stylish as possible. And to combine different elements.

Lower tricks can also be stylish, therefore we added Slides and Jesus Walks, since they are also hooked and add a lot to the show!


These are the categories of different tricks we show on the DVD, and the number of tricks it has:


- Simple Tricks (61)

- Transitions (68)

- Grabs (38)

- Low Kiteloops (13)

- One Foots (43)

- Boardoffs (89)

- Flips (31)

- Spins (57)

- Throws (18)

- Kick Flips (54)

- Passes (36)

- Jesus Walks (15)

- Beach Starts (37)

- Water Starts (11)

- Fun (29)

- Slides (57)

- Beach Landings (9)


Each trick has a rating between 1-5, this way we structure the level of tricks, showing what is possible in your riding level.


Rating 1: 85 tricks

Rating 2: 151 tricks

Rating 3: 155 tricks

Rating 4: 157 tricks

Rating 5: 118 tricks

1 Applies to shipping within Austria. Information about shipping policies for other countries can be found here: Payment and Delivery Information