Fundraiser - Support Airstyle

In 2011 I started to film tricks for my DVD "Airstyle - Strictly Hooked" with 666 tricks. It was finished in 2013.


Unfortunately it went way over budget and the sales of the DVD and the Airstyle app didn't pay back what it costed me.


Also keeping going and filming my tricks cost a lot of money and unfortunately my current situation keeps me stuck in Germany for many months per year now, where I cannot keep filming and pushing forward.


I also need a new camera, Soloshot and laptop to keep going.


If you like what you see and want me to keep pushing further, it would be an outstanding help for me and Airstyle. 


You can support me by donating whatever amount via Paypal !

My Paypal email is: info@kiteforum.com


Every supporter above 50 Euro will be listed with name and country on www.airstyle.tv ! (message me if you don't want it).


Thank you so much for your support and I hope I will bring you many new tricks in the future!




Supported by:


Lindsey Mercer






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