Read here the feedback of customers who watched the DVD:


I want to thank you because you're a big inspiration for me! all my friends want to go unhooked and do handlepasses, but they forget fun of this sport, fly high with style and control!

Andrea, Italy


Love your video!!!! Doing exactly what I wanted it to do...inspiring me to do variations to old tricks, and giving me great new ideas.

Michael, USA


It is great, very tutorial. Now I have even more inspiration for new tricks.

Jernej, Slovenia


I've watched and rewatched the DVD a couple of times: I love it!
The moves, the clips, even the music make it fun to watch over and over again.
Even as a beginner its fun to watch. Have now mastered 4 tricks. Just another 662 to go!
Alistair, Netherlands


Hi Toby, I was looking for this DVD since many months and I'm sure that you are really happy to have it finally done! I'll definitely show it to all my kitesurfing clients here in Costa Rica, so they will be inspired on what kitesurfing should be! I started to kite in '99 so I also belong to the "hooked in" generation...:-).
Thanks to keep the Air Style at the highest level in the planet!!

Nic, Costa Rica


Toby, I'm enjoying the DVD. Cool stuff. So much more interesting than the usual freestyle.
Ken, USA


Thanks again for such great resources. If you didn't do it, I don't know who would.

Sean, Canada


Thx for the DVD, great stuff. Indeed new inspiracion.
Ab. Netherlands


Thanks for the awesome DVD!!! It is brilliant - and very helpfull.
Timo, South Afrika


It's a magnific film! thanks for all.. Now I'm going to practice

David, Spain


I watched the DVD it all in one breath and I'm delighted, you did a beautiful job!
I've learned some things I did wrong and surely your DVD will be an important tool for improvement in this amazing sport!! Thank you very much !!!

Roberto, Italy


Preorder Comments:


You gave back my inspiration again. Airstyle is fantastic!

Tom, Australia


Nice work Toby!  I've been waiting to see this since day one.
Jeff, USA


Thanks for making kiteboarding look awesome again :)

Clay, Australia


I can't wait to receive the DVDs, you are an inspiration to a lot of people.

Kevin, Canada


Cannot wait for this to ship!!!

Rachel, USA


Thanks love the tricks keep it up. I cant wait to try them out myself..
Nathan, USA


I am really looking forward to this dvd. U inspire me greatly to become better at oldskool!!
Micha, Netherlands


Looking forward to DVD right up my street not into unhooked at all just love to boost hopefully this will help me get higher and look good at the same time.
Kevin, UK


Hi Toby, thanks for the dvd, i'm really happy that you share your "KNOW HOW"!!!
Valerio, Italy


Rock on Toby! Can't wait for the DVD and one day you'll see me in Brazil boosting some board offs!

Michael, USA


Love your passion for old school!

Todd, Canada


Projects like this are unique, I am happy to support you with this.

Sven, Germany


Good luck, Toby.  Nice job with the video so far.
Erin, USA


Can't wait to see it! thanks and keep on flying!
Steven, USA


Toby, thanks for the video and the inspiration!

Daniel, Germany



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